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I've just installed the trick I accidentaly got on Frankfurter Messe. It works as promised - many thanks ;-)
Tomas - 20 Apr 2015
Many thanks for your product, which I received in very quick time. It works exactly as expected, and really brightens up sound. Most pleased
eric - 10 Jan 2015
amazing rich and unique. I simply love it
[anonymous] - 06 Jan 2015
Great device for many songs! Well designed. Can leave it on forever, turn it of when I don't need it and use when I want. I just love it. Try 'Wild horses"from the Stones in G-tuning. Amazing!
Norbert Netten - 14 Mar 2014
What an awesome design! quality engineered and easy for amateur to fit. If your a fan of 60s folk music, or the Byrds and don't want' to buy another guitar to get the 12 string sound, then this is simply the best addition to a 6 string guitar of the century. Roger (Jim) Mcguin ex Bryds founder has a signature Martin acoutistic 7 string made to his specs, it is awesome, but for an amateur probably can't justify the $. Don't despair, check out the Addstring :-) I ordered mine from Australia, purchase was easy online and it arrived in post perfect. Very happy, thanks
MikeCee - 24 Jan 2014
The Addstring is amazing! For me it's one of the coolest inventions in the guitarworld at this moment. it's so simple to add the string. In less then 5 minutes you have one extra string on your guitar but it sounds like a 12 string! Amazingly rich and hamonious sound! I think I can't play without it anymore. check it out!!!
Laurens Huttinga - 11 Sep 2013
Geweldige uitvinding. Zéér eenvoudig te monteren en mijn D28 gitaar klinkt en speelt fantastisch. Een regelrechte aanrader
Jelle Visser - 26 Aug 2013
Product voldoet zeer goed aan de verwachtingen en is mnider duur dan een Martin D7 Aan te raden
Marc Thijs - 23 Jul 2013
Easily fitted and seems a well made piece of kit. Though I wouldn't say a full 12 string, it certainly fills out the sound in a most satisfying way. I surprised at how well the device for tucking the string away when it's not required works (I wasn't so sure that would work before I got it). All in all, most satisfied
Sandy Cowan - 05 Jul 2013
Hello, I am very happy and satisfied, the Add string is perfect. I like this sound like '12 string guitar' and the option 6 or 7 string is very very fantastic. I put the Add string on my Taylor guitar, and this acoustic sound is PERFECT. Thank you very very much. Best Regards. Virgil (Helene is my wife, and your mail box)
virgil - 21 Jun 2013
excellent and well-made device! As noted b others, it adds a nice bit of depth that is very welcome on some songs. I play a show every week and use a 6 and 12 string guitar and find that the add string actually works better on some songs that I used the 12 string for previously. It just adds a bit of that sound without being overpowering. It can't replace the 12 string but it makes the 6 string more versatile and, depending on what I am singing at the particular gig, I can sometimes leave the 12 at home and just use my Martin HD28/addstring. Nicely done!
MikeP - 25 May 2013
It's a great idea. It installs in a few minuts. It has a fabulous sound, much like a 12-string. Great purchase
Luigi - 17 May 2013
Great idea! Installation worked perfect in minutes! Adds a lot of versatility to the guitar and gives a touch of 12-string sound. (Actually it is no real 12-string sound, but it's better than any pedal based simulation I've heard). Would like to have a similar solution for electric guitar... Sebastian
Sebastian - 16 Apr 2013
I love the add string !! It gives an amazingly rich and harmonious sound to my guitar. I play the whole time with the add-string and I don''t wanne play the ''normal'' 6 string anymore. For me it's very inspiring. I think every guitarplayer should buy one ! Jeff Zwart
Jeff Zwart - 28 Mar 2013
Thanks Harald; The AddString really thickens the sound of my acoustic when engaged!! It makes my guitar sound bigger when playing rythym parts & as well when picking :)
Steve Piticco - 27 Feb 2013
A revolutionary product. The ability to add a sympathetic string, in any tuning you like! The sky is the limit!
Chris Woods - 27 Feb 2013
I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Gilles in his hometown to get aquainted with the add-string. I was surprised, how and with such ease the parts were mounted to the guitar without doing any damage to the instrument. We started playing and I was immediately blasted. The add-string really shows its face when you,re playing open chords and gives you the suggestion of a real 12 string guitar. The new add-string will be a true inspiration to all the music-people in the world. Harold,thanks for a job welldone Greetz A.Hidding singer/guitarplayer of The Time Bandits
Alides Hidding - 24 Feb 2013
Great product, gives my guitar a new sound....even better, i can switch it on and of.
rutger van Ommeren - 20 Feb 2013
bruno - 13 Feb 2013
What a great feature for my gitar!
Karel Dale - 08 Aug 2012

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