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The orders are currently shipped once a week by regular mail from the Netherlands. Depending on where the order is shipped allow up to 20 labor days for the postal services. If you want a different type of shipment ,you can find the options in the shop.

The clamp range is designed to fit most guitars. If it cannot be adjusted small enough to fit your guitar, use some other material (for example, a pick or other solid material) to fill the excess space.

The guitar’s top or bracing is probably thicker than standard. By bending out the taps on the part for the sound hole, a larger break can be obtained enabling the part to fit. The part’s material allows for this, guaranteeing a good fit on practically all acoustic guitars.

The AddString system is designed for the addition of 1 string. Mounting multiple strings could overload the guitar’s construction, which could permanently damage the instrument.

Yes. The AddString system can be used, for example, for the A, D or B string. The Add-String system allows placement for any of these strings. It can be used for either E string as well, but then the extra string has to be mounted to the inside of the main string.

The pins are probably deep in the bridge. This is easy to correct by raising the bridge pins a bit before mounting the string adapter. Once the string adapter is in place, you can push the bridge pins back in again.

Ordinarily not. If a change is noticed, it can be corrected by adjusting the truss rod. The tension would in that case need to be increased very slightly.

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