Addstring Imagine…

Add String Imagine…


It is our mission and our passion to invent, develop, market and produce accessories for musical instruments, that add to your music, that add sound and function to your instrument, that add new possibilities.
Our journey has started with the invention of the AddString. New products to follow the AddString are already in the development stage.



Letʼs you add an extra string to your guitar without having to rebuild it in any way.

Gives your guitar an extra G-string or an other string that is tuned one octave higher.

Letʼs you turn the extra string on or off while playing.

Gives an amazingly rich and harmonious sound to the guitar.

Has no adverse effect on playability of the guitar.

Can be used by professionals as well as advanced and beginning guitarists.

With the Addstring playing the guitar will be never the same again.

Is something new for your guitar, for the first time in years.

Manual & packaging

Click here to download the manual: AddStringManual6.7

Click here to download the packaging: Packaging

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